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No matter what the Government might say, the dash for shale gas is purely financially driven. They really don't care what effect the extraction process will have on our countryside, our water supply, or even the health of people living in the drill site area.
Doing nothing is simply not an option. If the fossil fuel industry remain unchallenged this unnecessary attack will become one of the UK's biggest manmade disasters.  
So how can we help your campaign?
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Do you need extra financial assistance with purchasing protection camp equipment such as solar power units, storage batteries, rechargeable torches etc?

Can we help pay for advertising material such as posters or leaflets? We'll even pay the printer direct once we've agreed the cost. 

Whatever equipment or materials you need we'll do our best to help.

Tell us how we can help your local fight against the fossil fuel industry and explain exactly what your campaign needs.

Help us to help you by completing all sections of the form and provide as much information as you can. We'll let you know how we can help as soon as we can.


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